30 June, 2016


Part 1 begins with a stunning look at Mykonos as 3 BelAmi Beauties; Helmet Huxley, Jerome Exupery, and Hoyt Kogan begin their adventure on the sun drenched island. The boys find themselves wondering along and stumble upon a bevy of Greek gods playing ball on the beach…naked! Intrigued by what they see, they decide to stick around and see how the game ends...They end up following beach boys; Marc Ruffalo, Roald Ekberg, Marcel Gassion, Adam Archuleta, Brian Jovovich, and Robin Michaux back to their house and stare stunned as they watch the boys from the beach begin to have an orgy. It starts with an oral suckfest that is nothing short of unforgettable. Part 1 of the orgy is now live and Part 2, the all-sex portion, is released this coming Saturday, July 2nd!


13 June, 2016

Summertime fun

Phillipe Gaudin and Sascha Chaykin are two of the all-time BelAmi favorites models. Two real versatile sex machines with muscular bodies and high sexual energy. In this outdoor scene shot a couple of years ago in South Africa, Sascha and Philippe bring us 17 minutes of a pure raw masculine passion and sensuality.


BLOND ON BLOND: with Roald Ekberg and Torsten Ullman

Have you ever had to give an excuse that not even you yourself bought into?
This is exactly what Torsten did to Roald. Pretending he's giving him a new haircut, Torsten drags Roald, half naked to the terrace of their front beach house in South Africa.
Quickly Torsten puts dow! n his hairdressing equipment and shows him his other equipment. The two hot blonds get into a passionate fuck with Roald hungrily bottoming for Torsten.


MODEL OF THE WEEK: with Reni Sedaris

We having some trouble deciding if we should describe Reni as handsome or beautiful? Some would say that you can never refer to a man as beautiful.
Well, I disagree. With his expressive eyes, smart smile, great body, stunning ass and a big tasty cock, you just can say, he's F*** beautiful!


CLASSIC BEAUTY: With Rhys Jagger and Harris Hilton

Some of our boys work in our offices but all of them always jump at the chance to return to the set and try out any sexy guy, and Rhys here has his eye on Harris' sweet tight hole.
The erotic intensity between this Czech/Slovakian coupl! e does not go unnoticed as well as evidenced by their huge loads!


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